Studio Shooting

Murdoch DalyStudio Shooting

This week I dedicated a few days to applying acoustic foam to the studio walls to help with reverb. The results have been great and we even managed to squeeze in an interview on Friday that could not have gone smoother. I really love shooting in a studio because you can completely control the light hitting your subject. When shooting … Read More

Mesoverse Exhibition

Murdoch DalyEvents

Before the lockdown I was invited to shoot a spectacular multi-sensory art exhibition known simply as….Mesoverse. A collective of local artists had completely transformed a dilapidated central city building into an Alice in Wonderland-esque dreamscape. With the Panasonic GH5/Ronin-S in one hand and a beer in the other I flew through the gallery and documented the space in all its … Read More

Top 5 video production podcasts for 2020

Murdoch DalyInspiration

Top 5 video production and film making podcasts for 2020 I’m absolutely addicted to Podcasts and over the last 5 years I’ve found some incredible ones that offer unique insights into the video production industry. Here are my top 5 video production and film making podcasts for 2020. I hope they offer you as much knowledge and inspiration as they … Read More

NZ at Level-3 and Me

Murdoch DalyNews

With New Zealand moving to Level-3 tonight our bubbles are about to be expanded. Barista coffee and contactless takeaways are back on the cards. Family drives to the local park or beach will be also be allowed. I’ll be able to return to the studio and will keep practicing physical distancing and good hygiene. Unfortunately at Level-3 clients and customers … Read More

Emotional Vignettes

Murdoch DalyEditing

During Covid-19 lockdown there have been some lovely family moments. I managed to blow the dust off my camera and film a few “emotional vignettes.” It was also a good chance to do a test edit and grade on FCPX. I used the Canon C200 shooting C4k rawlite. I edited the “native” raw files in Final Cut but there are … Read More

Lockdown Level-up

Murdoch DalyEditing

Will I move to FCPX after 10 years of editing on Premiere? With New Zealand on Covid-19 lockdown I had some time to take a closer look at this cheeky NLE. Final Cut Pro X launched back in 2011 to some major controversy. Editors from around the world threw up their chubby little arms in dismay at the perceived lack … Read More